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Mood Defend & Design Lotion No.44

Mood Defend & Design Lotion No.44

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Fixative and protective gel with firm and elastic hold.

Are you craving a fresh and trendy look, and do you love experimenting with creative hairstyles? Uncover the magic of Defend & Design Lotion – a liquid gel renowned for its firm yet flexible hold, ideal for both short and long locks. With this miracle worker, sculpt and breathe life into your artistic visions, crafting any look your heart desires. Plus, it doesn't stop there; it's a guardian angel for your hair, shielding it from heat up to a scorching 220 degrees.

How to use

Experts advice
Apply the product after styling your hair with a mousse, such as after your Sparkling Care Foam, to recreate a wet look, super trendy, especially as an evening hairstyle.

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