About me


Welcome to my website. My name is Cath, I’m in my 50's and an Aquarius. I was born in Coventry but now live in a small town in South Lincolnshire, with my wonderful husband Simon and our children Jordan and Darcie who live close by. My career in hairdressing and beauty has developed throughout the years. During the past decade, my family helped me create two fabulous salons in our garden, where I enjoy working 4 days a week.

I adore my salons and ensure that I select and use the most beautiful products for my clients. Lockdown forced my salons to close and my business online was born unknowingly to me. I started up a page on Facebook and it has grown to well over 50,000 followers!! I’m an advocate for looking after your body inside and out.

As a positive person I enjoy motivating others, offering advice and encouragement. My subscriber group is a community of ‘Fabulous Flockers’ where I inspire women to become the best version of themselves and we have the best giggles feeding our souls with laughter. I started this website in February 2023 and haven’t looked back! It’s been an incredible journey, posting my parcels & merch all over the world, totally blowing my mind!!!

My website has enabled me to reach so many people and I love sharing my knowledge of skin care, hair, makeup and more. The products I select for my website are items I use myself in my salons and personally. So when you give my Facebook page a follow, join my subscribers group or buy something from my website, you are supporting me and my family, not some big corporate business. So thank you from my heart, for helping make my dreams come true.

Recent Editorial

From Lockdown Lows to Global Glows: Cath Carter's Unplanned Ride to Global Beauty Queen 

When the lockdown shut businesses nationwide, Cath Carter, a hairdresser and beauty therapist from Holbeach, South Lincolnshire, refused to sit still. Picking up her phone to spread some good vibes, she never imagined her impromptu Facebook Lives would transform her from a local salon owner into a beloved online health, fitness and beauty guru with a following that spans the globe.

What started in her living room with a bit of banter, daily steps and beauty tips accidentally turned Cath into everyone’s go-to gal for feeling good and looking and feeling great, even in pyjamas. 

She had zero intention of turning this community she’d built into a business. She already had two salons in her back garden to run once lockdown lifted. She just wanted to share a laugh, motivate people to keep active, and maybe teach them how to master the perfect winged liner.

But as Cath shared her daily life and tips, her followers - over 56,000 to be exact - wanted more. They weren’t just drawn to her makeup advice, they connected with her personal stories of overcoming health challenges, including her weight loss journey and the struggles finding support for her menopause symptoms.

It wasn’t long before Cath's fans, or ‘Fabulous Flockers’ as they’re known, wanted more than just tips. They wanted to get their hands on the products she was using in her videos. With the DMs piling up, Cath had a lightbulb moment. Why don’t I supply the products?

And despite worrying no one would actually buy them, she invested in a bunch of products she absolutely loved. To her surprise, she couldn’t get them out the door quick enough. With orders piling up, Cath had to enlist the help of her kids and husband. Together, they’ve shipped products worldwide, with over 5,000 packages delivered since February.

Recognising the power of community, Cath also launched a paid community membership that costs less than a Costa Coffee each month. Here, members gain access to exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes beauty secrets, personalised Q&A sessions and guest expert sessions.

Despite the growing demands of this unintentional online business, Cath is still working in her salon four days a week, finding time to pack orders and connect with her followers in between. "I work in the salon, I do all my lives, I love it. It doesn’t feel like work," Cath says, reflecting on her busy schedule.

This isn’t just another influencer tale. It’s the story of a woman who’s as surprised as anyone to find herself at the helm of a beauty and wellness community that spans far beyond her little corner of Holbeach, reaching places she had to Google.

So if you’re looking for beauty tips mixed with a dose of reality and plenty of chuckles - Cath’s got you covered. And if you end up with a newfound love for flamingos or a beauty drawer that’s bursting at the seams, well, that’s just part of being part of the ‘Fabulous Flockers’.