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Mood Curl Designer No.32

Mood Curl Designer No.32

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Cream for defining curly or wavy hair.

Whether your hair boasts waves, curls, or unruly frizz, you're well aware that maintaining it has never been a piece of cake. Curl Designer has taken it upon itself to fulfil your dream: a cream-gel meticulously crafted to define, enhance elasticity, and shield your curls and waves. And let's not overlook that added touch of lustre.
Define curls and waves without weighing down the hair.

Curls and waves will be super defined, shiny and light. The protective agent in its formulation will also help prevent heat damage, improving the condition of cuticles during styling and making them easier to comb.

Formula based on: Fixing agent that imparts stiffness, shine, frizz control and all-day hold with excellent resistance to high humidity. Bioderived film-forming polymer, which: Contains more than 50 percent carbon from plant biomass. Perfect synthesis of performance and naturalness, maintains the key performance of synthetic filmogens and gives better aesthetics than natural filmogens. Strong long-lasting hold Moisture control Anti-frizz and smoothing action Thermal protection Remarkable sensory properties Panthenol: moisturizing. Reduces heat damage up to 220°C, improves cuticle condition during styling, also improves combability.

How to use

Experts advice
Use it even in the days after your hair is styled to reinvigorate your curls.

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