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KYK Triple Teaser Comb

KYK Triple Teaser Comb

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Three rows of bristles for effective back combing.

The KYK TRIPLE TEASER will take your backcombing to new heights instantly with its triple bristle feature. 

This feature will tease three times as much, speeding up your styling techniques. 

It is firm, durable, and produces long-lasting volume with its triple teasing power. 

The pointy handle is designed to achieve perfect sectioning, straight lines and precision when styling.

NOTE: This product is NOT heat resistant.

  1. Apply a volume styling powder on the roots (Magic Dust Volume Powder by KYK hair care) and then hold the section you want to tease and push the hair strands up and down in a moving back and forth motion create height and instant volume. 
  2. Use the end of the triple teaser to create straight lines when parting the hair. Also suitable to use the end to hold hair into place while styling and pinning. 
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