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Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor Dry Body Brush

Eve Taylor Dry Body Brush

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A highly effective dry body brush with firm cactus based bristles to increase the microcirculation for a refreshed skin tone and smooth skin appearance. 

Skin type/condition: Suitable for all skin types especially those with sluggish metabolism and rough skin.

*Do not use if taking prescribed Ro-Accutane/Isotretinoin medication.

Benefits: Removes superficial dead skin cells, prepares the skin for increased product absorption, softens and smooths the skin for a refreshed skin appearance.

How to use: In the morning, dry brush in upward motions using brisk strokes from feet up to hips, over the buttocks and stomach area, and finalise from the wrists to shoulder area. Continue with suitable Eve Taylor body serum and body moisturiser.

Vegan friendly: Yes
Pregnancy safe: Yes

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