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Mood Texturizing Spray Wax No.24

Mood Texturizing Spray Wax No.24

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Our shaping spray wax gently defines and holds your hair, striking the perfect balance between a gel and a hairspray.

Struggling with thin, lifeless hair that craves a revival and long-lasting style? Meet our Texturizing Spray Wax – a magic spray wax that sculpts, adds body, and amplifies even the flattest locks, infusing them with a brilliant shine. With this styling wonder, your dream look is within reach: craft that perfect ponytail, tame those stray strands, and add delightful movement to your locks. It's also your go-to for gently holding those shorter strands in a chic, medium-length style.

Gives an amazing result for those with medium and long hair who like it styled and shiny. Perfect for playing with your looks. Protects the hair from pollution

Extraction-derived biotechnological complex with marked antioxidant action, composed of a powerful trio of natural ingredients, provides extreme protection of both hair and scalp: - ORANGE HERB A potent blend of antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols) A supply of essential substances (trace elements and vitamins) ROSEMARY ACID ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Melissa officinalis extract Good antioxidant potential - ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Obtained from oranges An absolute all-rounder with plant-extracted antioxidant and protective power.

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