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Mii Bright Eyed Hydrogel Mask

Mii Bright Eyed Hydrogel Mask

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Revive and recharge tired-looking under-eyes with our miracle Bright Eyed Hydrogel Mask, for an instant hit of hydration that soothes, refreshes and brightens the delicate eye area.

Consisting of 60 refreshing patches, these specially formulated cooling eye masks work their magic in minutes, using hydrogel technology enriched with a trio of powerful natural ingredients that leave the under-eyes feeling smoother, awakened, and calmer with a healthy-looking, illuminated glow. Niacinamide softens fine lines, improves skin tone, restores radiance and brightens the appearance of dull skin and dark circles. Puffiness is calmed through the infusion of energising caffeine, while Sodium Hyaluronate binds water to the skin helping to hydrate the eye area leaving a fresh, radiant sensation.

The hassle-free, biodegradable patches are perfectly designed for optimum absorption and consist of a unique textured surface to adhere comfortably to the eye contour. Whether your under-eyes require awakening in the morning, a nourishing hydration boost or to be soothed after a long day, the eye masks are a perfect, must-have addition to your skincare routine.

Visible results effectively seen after the first application. Derma Tested. Cruelty Free. Vegan Friendly

•  Soothes, revives and revitalises the under-eye area
•  Skin feels instantly hydrated, smoother and brighter
•  Biodegradable patches include an embossed pattern to adhere seamlessly to the skin
•  Caffeine helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes
•  Sodium Hyaluronate binds moisture to the skin, leaving the skin feeling            hydrated
•  Niacinamide enhances skin tone and softens fine lines
•  Suitable for daily use
•  Contains 60 refreshing patches (30 pairs)

How to use
Lift the mask from the pot and smooth onto your clean, dry under-eye area gently. For pre-makeup application, leave for 10 minutes under each eye or for a more intense mask, leave for 20+ minutes. Remove and discard of the mask, tapping any remaining serum into the skin. Apply morning or evening, or whenever your eyes require recharging. For a more intense cooling boost, the hydrogel masks can be chilled in the fridge before use.

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