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Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor Aroma Diffuser Pod

Eve Taylor Aroma Diffuser Pod

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A stylish diffuser unit designed to infuse your environment with the amazing aromas of Eve Taylor Diffuser Blends. 

Made with a stylish ceramic pod the new unit blends into your decor, while a soft ambient light helps you focus, calm and rest – all at the touch of a button. The aroma diffuser pod is presented in an elegant gift box perfect for self and others. 

Dimensions: 97mm (D) x 153mm (H). 
Weight: 0.5kg.
Length of cord: Approx. 170cm.
Electric consumption: Approx. 9W.
Tank capacity: 100ml.
Time mode: 1H / 2H continuous + 3H intermittent spray 20s ON / 40s OFF.
Material: PP + Ceramic.

Vegan friendly: Yes
Pregnancy safe: Yes

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