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Mood Shield & Shine Spray No.04

Mood Shield & Shine Spray No.04

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Ultra-light spray for that perfect finishing touch, giving your hair both protection and a brilliant shine.

Do you love to shine all the time, starting with your hair? We have the finishing touch for every selfie-proof look you can't do without, perfect for carrying in your bag with you at all times: the Shield & Shine spray. It instantly brightens the hair, without weighing it down and providing a protective effect from external aggressions such as pollution and blue light.

Extraction-derived biotechnological complex with marked antioxidant action, composed of a powerful trio of natural ingredients, provides extreme protection of both hair and scalp: - ORANGE HERB A potent blend of antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols) A supply of essential substances (trace elements and vitamins) - ROSEMARY ACID ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Melissa officinalis extract Good antioxidant potential - ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Obtained from the pith of oranges An absolute all-rounder with plant-extracted antioxidant and protective power. - Mullein glyceric extract. Plant capable of absorbing UV rays and re-emitting them at longer wavelengths, thus giving more radiance to the hair.

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