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Mood Hairspray Extra Strong No.53

Mood Hairspray Extra Strong No.53

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Get a flawless finish with our extra-strong hold hairspray, designed for any look and hair type.

Are you looking to confidently lock in your hairstyle or any part of it? Our Hairspray Extra Strong, known for its powerful, long-lasting hold, ensures your hairstyle stays flawless, perfect any hairstyle, like a ponytail, and ensure its lasting hold. • Get a flawless and long-lasting style. • Enhance definition and provide support. • Say goodbye to those baby hairs.

Formula based on: - Extract-derived biotechnological complex with marked antioxidant action, composed of a powerful trio of natural ingredients, provides extreme protection for both hair and scalp: - ORANGE HERB A potent blend of antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols) A supply of essential substances (trace elements and vitamins) - ROSMARINIC ACID ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Melissa officinalis extract Good antioxidant potential - ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN Obtained from the pith of oranges An absolute all-rounder with plant-extracted antioxidant and protective power.

How to use

Experts advice
You can also spray a few pumps of product on your hands and quickly swipe it around the perimeter of your head to eliminate baby hairs. Also perfect for defining crease contouring. You can also spray a few pumps of product on the comb to fix specific points of the hairstyle. To remove it the next day, run the brush through the hair.

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