Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Review

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Review

I decided to buy in some Color Wow products to see what all the Social Media hype was about, starting with the Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, i have to say i was absolutely blown away by the results, it has the consistency of water, leaves behind little to no residue and is very lightly scented which i like.

This product is 'heat activated' so following the instructions is a must to get the best results, after blow drying your hair it is left feeling super soft and frizz free and stays that way for days.

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Instructions for use

  1. Thoroughly towel dry hair. We're talking really dry, as dry as you can get it with a towel.
  2. Once you’ve towel dried your hair, brush it through using a vented brush.
  3. For best results section your hair to ensure the product is applied evenly.
  4. Thoroughly soak each section of your hair, make sure you get it proper wet.
  5. Now for the heat activation stage, blow dry your hair using a vented or wet brush to keep the hair taught while you dry it.
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